Independence Day Money Minting 2016

A sneak peak at the new 100 Kronicle note.  It's all in Kronish, pegged to the Moroccan Dirham and set for an exchange rate of 100 Kronicles to 10.16 Dollars US on Thursday, July 28th.

If this makes no sense to you (i.e. how can one person create her own money?) Please visit the Projects Page.

blurry 100 kronicle note

Independence Day Kronicles

In honor of my Independence Day and celebrating 17 years as a sovereign nation, I minted new currency.  The new 500 Kronicle note is no longer pegged to the Chinese Yuan and is currently floating.  These notes are worth $1.0462 as of today. The new 500 Kronicle note features a lion playing a fiddle, ladies at work and Yap Island Rai Stones.  The new notes are also an experiment in demurrage currency.  The notes are set to lose value weekly starting 9/1/15 unless stamped by me.

More about Kronicles and demurrage here.

Aviation tales

I am honored to have a little piece of mine, Captive Audience, published on Airplane Reading.  It is a true tale of music, excessive tarmac delay and some rage.  And all true.  There is even some shaky cell phone video to prove its veracity.

A big thank you to everyone at Airplane Reading.  Check them out.  Lots of interesting pieces on air travel, thoughtfully curated.

Cura Magazine

Today, Issue #7 of Cura Magazine is available and in it is a poem by me called "Blouse".

I am very happy and honored to be included in the magazine which has wonderful work by Oliver de la Paz, April Dobbins and many others.

And what a treat to be given the next to last spot in the line-up.  Back in the day, the second to closing was the spot every vaudeville performer coveted.  When you went on right before the closing act, then you knew you had arrived.

A big thank you to everyone at Cura Magazine, and thank you to you for reading.